- Our Philosophy -

Life is transitional and it’s a transcending journey. We can compare it to little seeds that mature into a plant, providing fruitful and useful bliss. It is also an unknown journey that tends to be outlined with a lot of goals but oftentimes abandoned. We believe that life’s journey was never designed to be taken routinely, strict and fearful, but rather willingly & adaptable to the changes that occur in our paths. As we transcend we’re more likely to draw nigh to those of similar interest and like-mindedness. We share our thoughts, laughter, dreams and frustrations to each other; outlining that one particular moment in our journey that was relevant or more prominent. As we reflect, we evoke an emotion that played a key role in the specific stories we share and those stories are often unplanned regardless of the emotion that was experienced.

If we look back into our own profile, we’ll notice the things that made us happy the most were simple. A simple handwritten letter from our loved ones did the job or the Sunday dinner gatherings. Some of us may have looked forward fishing with dad or taking cooking lessons with mom. Whatever your profile may be, our philosophy is to remind you that life is a journey and we want you to enjoy every bit of it. Our motive is to remind you to go back to the basics and enjoy the process. Celebrate with those who matters and make new ones along the process. We embody beauty & casual sophistication and the products we offer are basic and minimal but are carefully and aesthetically styled to transcend and compliment. Our products reflect on our philosophy which is basic & spontaneity.

- Quality -
- without Compromise -


Though our approach is simple we are far from mediocrity. We refuse to settle for anything mediocre and are highly active in the process of making our products.

We spend innumerable hours finding the right factory that has the right materials because we understand that not all materials are made equally.

We take our time making sure that what we produce is authentic and what we distribute is executed well and satisfactory as quality and customer service is our highest priority. We are involved & highly active and we believe you should never compromise with the quality of life.

- Our Promise -

We want to be apart of your journey and would like to compliment it with our products and service. We aim and promise to simplify your user shopping experience that will give you more time to enjoy the things you love. Our goal is not to bombard you with many selections but enough options to suit your choice. We keep it minimal and simple and we believe there’s no reason for us to give you a thousand reasons why you need to purchase from us. We promise not to pest you and if so just simply let us know. We promise to be transparent and honest and we aim to make this the best user-friendly experience possible. We understand that time is very valuable and we want you to make the best out of it.


Life is a Journey...

And We hope to be apart of yours as you are most welcome to be apart of ours.

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